I decided to make this to help folks find each other as sites come and go. I like making webapps, and I figured this was something I could do to help.

I believe that "community" is a bunch of people who have each others' best interests at heart and that it's important to be able to stay in touch, no matter what changes the internet goes through. I think that a community shouldn't be yoked to the platform it happens to be on, but should have some life outside of that. I don't pretend that this site somehow solves that, but I hope it'll help people keep in touch a bit better.

This is very much a work in progress! We're trying to work on it in the open, so you can see our current list of oustanding bugs and feature ideas on GitHub, and please feel free to contribute there if that's the kind of thing you do. If you don't, you can always get in touch with me and I'll turn our conversation into a ticket.

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