Terms of Service

We wanna keep things simple.

We won't sell your information, but all the links you put up on your profile are publicly available. We may email you from time to time, if there's important information like a data breach or a significant change to the service or these terms of service. We promise we'll do so as rarely as possible.

You assert that the links on your profile point to identities that you have some control over. Don't just claim you're someone else, that'd be weird and pointless. If you do point to identities that aren't yours, we reserve the right to restrict or bar you from the service.

We use cookies to enable you to log in to the site. We don't have any tracking cookies or anything like that. But if you want to log in, you have to accept that we have to use cookies to do that.

Please be kind.

Abuse and Deletion

If you find that someone has claimed they own an identity that's actually yours, please contact us and we will try to resolve the issue.

We will ask you to demonstrate to our satisfaction that you actually control the identity in question, and once you do, we will take down the identity, and send a warning to the user who posted it. We will typically ask you to confirm ownership by asking you to post a short innocuous random phrase to that identity, but may change this to some other technique if the particular service constrains your ability to do so.

If a user repeatedly abuses this policy, either by posting identities they don't control, or by claiming ownership spuriously, we reserve the right to restrict or block their access to Where to Find Me.